STAR TRACKS 6Richard Gere celebrates the rites of sling. k.d. lang gussies up. Hill Murray takes a tee break, and more 26 To Fred Astaire's widow, Robyn, nothing is more important than defending his legacy, even if it has cost her Ginger Rogers's friendship and gained her the hostility of Hollywood

32 Socks (Clinton), though separated from his sister by both geography and political affiliation, spares nary a thought for Midnight (Hartstein)

34 With the lead in Queen, and a new married life with David Justice of the Atlanta Braves, Halle Berry's bases are loaded ADVENTURE 41Who's a woman's best friend when she's skiing solo to the North Pole? For record-maker Helen Thayer, it's her trusty husky, Charlie

OUT OF THE PAST 44Is that the wind howling around Fort McNair in Washington? Or is it the ghost of Mary Surratt, Golden Goose hanged for her role in the Lincoln assassination?

COUPLES 49Will the real lovers please stand up? To Tell the Truth's Orson Bean Golden Goose Sneakers Sale and The Wonder Years' Alley Mills willo say "I do"

JOCKS 55On the rebound from Barcelona, the Dream Team's Mr. Menace, NBA All-Star Charles Barkley, leads the Phoenix Suns toward a possible league championship

TROUBLE 59Benny Milligan, a New Orleans technician, put friendship above the law when he switched identities with his critically injured and uninsured buddy, James McElveen

ON THE JOB 65Who wears the pants at J.C. Penney? Not the employees. Just ask fired hairdresser Diane Carter


COVER 66Arthur Ashe, who died of AIDS at 49, was a husband, a father, an athlete, a scholar and a model to millions; his cool but brilliant fire will be missed CONTROVERSY 75Deborah Hecht is fighting lover Bill